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Massage by Lindsey LLC

Lindsey Deters LMT


Massage Therapy           30/60/90 min  $45/$65/$85  

Lindsey's massage style is a mixture of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques customized to meet the needs of each client.  Deep tissue massage works the knots out and improves range of motion and flexibility.  Swedish massage promotes relaxation and helps relieve stress and anxiety.  

Ear Candling  $55   

A coning works candle with a warm flame is placed the ear canal.  As smoke from the flame flows down into your ear and begins to rise, it draws out impurities like wax, dirt and fluid up into the candle.  Great for swimmers ear, tinnitus, allergies, itchy ears or just excess wax build up.  

Cupping  add $10

More about Cupping

Specialized massage cups are placed on areas of tension or trigger points on the body.  The unique suction of the cup pulls the fascia and tissue apart, creating deep reverse pressure.  After 3-5 minutes the cups are removed.  **Please note red or purple circle marks are common after this treatment.  

Hot Stone  add $10          

The heat from the stones warms the tissues allowing for deeper and more therapeutic work.  

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